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Similar White Dress (The Exact was sold out) to the one Maia Mitchell wore as Callie Jacob in Season 2A Episode 10:Someone’s Little Sister.

At Urban Outfitters for $59.00


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you said you would steal my heart.

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Sophia: Autumn Inspired

Autumn Collection (4/4)


Lou: Autumn Inspired

Autumn Collection (3/4)


Callie: Autumn Inspired

Autumn Collection (2/4)


Christmas at the Adams Fosters

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and they lived together in perfect happiness


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So, I announced it  and it’s finally here, The App Forum for Co-Owner / Mods. If you are interested, please fill out the forum below and submit it to the submit box! Thank you to everyone in advance for applying and being interested.

App Form for Co-Owner / Mods

First Name:

Are you applying for the position of a Co-Owner or a Mod?:

Why do you want to be apart of TFS?: 

Do you have any experience running a fashion blog?: 

Please give a brief description of your schedule during the week: 

That being said, how much time do you think you’ll be able to dedicate to TFS?:

Do you have a polyvore account? (This is how I make inspired outfits):

What do you feel you’d be best a doing? Hair Tutorials, Inspired Outfits? Makeup Tutorials, Guides, Find Exacts/Similar Items?:

Any samples of work, you’d like me to see? (This won’t affect your chances if you do/don’t)

Anything else? Questions for me? Any concerns? Put them here:

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You can’t avoid hurting the people you love. That’s just what happens.

The Fosters, Mike Foster  

Season 2, Episode 9

Leaky Faucets

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